Exporting ACT! data to a .CSV file

The instructions shown below are for ACT! 2000. If the steps provided do not match the version you are using, please refer to the Help menu that is provided with ACT!

To export ACT! data

  1. From the main menu in ACT!, click File » Data Exchange » Export.

  2. The Export wizard opens.

  3. In the File type field, select Text - Delimited.

  4. Specify a file location and file name with a .CSV extension. For example, the file name and location may be similar to, C:\Act\Database\Export.csv.

  5. Click Next.

  6. Since it is assumed that you are importing the name and address details of the contact records stored in the ACT! database, select Contact records only, and then click Options.

  7. Complete the following:

  8. Click Next.

  9. Select All records and click Finish.

  10. Do not click Next at this step, since doing so will open the ACT field mapping options. Any mapping changes made to the data file will cause the data to import into the wrong fields in Top Producer 7i.

  11. Refer to the import instructions for details on how to import this data into Top Producer 7i.