The unsubscription is not successful.

Error message is :
:11:-2147352567:31:Method '~' of object '~' failed:0::0::11:-2147352567:31:Method '~' of object '~' failed:194:START: VBErrorInfo Description: Method '~' of object '~' failed HelpContext: 1000440 HelpFile: LastDllError: 0 Number: -2147352567 (0x80020009) Source: Agent_BUS END: VBErrorInfo :313:START: AppInfo ComputerName: PAZ02HTP3641 Operating System: Windows 2003 5.2.3790 (Service Pack 2) Time: Tue 2015:07:07 19:11:30 Title: Agent_BUS EXEName: Agent_BUS Path: D:\Components\TPO Components Version: 14.71.1 Unattended: True Retained: True StartMode: 1 Thread: 28736 END: AppInfo :337:START: ContextInfo IsInTransaction: True ContextInfo.ActivityId: {E6EAE5C6-811C-4573-A9B5-1F4374207962} ContextInfo.ContextId: {1DE2BA77-FCF8-4F01-8119-E1BF1E983E9E} ContextInfo.IsInTransaction: True ContextInfo.TransactionId: {CB4560B4-A22A-47FB-B583-5CF899E56122} IsSecurityEnabled: False ItemCount: 5 END: ContextInfo :38:START: ADODBErrors END: ADODBErrors :1:0:176:VB Error Source: Agent_BUS ** Computer: PAZ02HTP3641 App Path: D:\Components\TPO Components\Agent_BUS Filename: Contact_RW Function: UpdateContactEmailSubscriptionStatus: