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NOTE: If you require instructions on how to access this page, click here.


NOTE: The first time you access My email, the email setup will start automatically.


By default, the My email page displays your Inbox and all your received email.  The identifier bar at the top displays Email for (your) first_name last_name - Inbox.  


  1. From the folder bar on the left, click the folder you want to work in, such as Inbox or Sent items.

  2. You can Rename, Delete, and create New folders using the links under Folders at the bottom left of the page.

  3. Use the drop-down list at the top of the page to filter the email displayed. Choose either Show email for first name_last name, Show email for [user2], Show email for [user3], etc. Show email for  (your) first name_last name is selected by default.

  4. Click the Show messages linked to specific contact(s) check box to enable or disable this feature. Clicking the link itself displays the Select contact page. Select a contact to display linked email for and click OK to return to the My email page, which will now only show email linked to the selected contact.

  5. The large upper box displays all email in the selected folder. The left-most column is used to indicate file attachments. The presence of a paper clip icon means the message has one or more files attached.

    The next column displays link icons for any messages that are linked to a contact record. See step 8 below for more information on linking.

    The remaining columns are From, which displays the message sender, the Subject, the Received date and time, and a scroll bar for scrolling through the list of messages.

    The total number of messages, and the number of unread messages, in the selected folder appears in the lower right corner of the page.

  6. The large lower box below the message list displays the message body and header. The header contains information about the message currently selected: the sender, recipient(s), subject, and a larger version of the paper clip icon if there are any files attached.

  7. To view and save attachments, click the paper clip icon from the message header. A drop-down list of attachments appears.

    Click the file you want to save. The Save as dialog box appears. Browse to the folder in which you want to save the file. You can save the file using its existing file name or type a new name in the File name field. Click Save.

  8. You may wish to link a message to one or more contacts for easier future retrieval. With the message selected, click Link to contact(s). This displays the Select contact page. Select one or more contacts to link to and click OK to return to the My email page. See step 4 above for details on displaying linked email.

    Conversely, to break a link, select one or more messages and click Remove links.  You are prompted to confirm removing the links from the message.  Click Yes.  

  9. If you need to enter a new contact while working in My email, click the Create contact link to shortcut to the Detailed contact entry - Add new contact page.


  1. To permanently delete an email without sending it to the Trash folder, simply highlight the message and press [Shift] + [Delete] on your keyboard. When the Delete email messages dialog box is displayed, click Yes.


Action menu items:

Check email

Open email

Open or edit*




Reply to all


View contact


Mass email

Move to folder

Copy to folder

Empty trash



*Only available in Drafts folder